What should I do to increase my chances of an E-2 Visa approval?


The E-2 Visa application process is complex.  Once you have decided on the business you want to start or buy, the next thing to do is to hire the experts (US Business immigration attorney, US Business Immigration consulting firm to present your business and support this presentation throughout your application process) who will assist you in preparing the required documentation.  Preparation is of utmost importance and hiring the right experts is essential.

Once an application is submitted and if the wrong documents are submitted you will most probably get a denial.  There is no turning back and redoing an application packet.  You will waste your application filing fees because they are non-refundable.  Another possibility is that if your application packet is incomplete, the government will send you a “Request for Evidence (RFE)” which will delay for months the application process.

The following are examples of why E-2 visa applications are denied:

  1. Inadequate business plans that do not demonstrate the E-2 visa requirements.
  2. Not choosing the right type of business with the required financial arrangements.
  3. Businesses that are classified as marginal investments.
  4. The business does not need to be managed by the Investor on a daily basis.
  5. No income being generated by the enterprise.

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