Business Plan For Immigration Purposes – Why It Is So Important

Business plan for immigration purposes: this is one of the most important aspects of your visa application.  Mistakes or missed information here can lead to your visa being turned down and you needing to start the process again.  Here are just some of the reasons why your plans are so important.

One of the main reasons your immigration business plan is so vital to your visa application is that it shows that you have run, or are running, a successful business enterprise.  This is critical because it shows that any new business or investment that you are in charge of has a fair chance of also being successful.  The plan also needs to show your projections for the future.  This is to show that you are able to take into account the financial and economic environment into which you are moving. It also must show how you intend to do your part to move the American economy forward.  This has to include your plans for employing American citizens.  You are very unlikely to be granted either an L1 or an E2 visa if there is no plan to employ new workers as part of your new business or expansion.  One of the main reasons that it is important to get a professional consulting firm with experience in immigration business plans is the small and seemingly inconsequential details.  These are likely to be the ones you miss, or get wrong, but it is also these details that are likely to make a difference to whether your application succeeds or fails.

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