E2 Visa Business Plan Is Crucial Towards Demonstrating Your Intent

E2 visa business plan is a crucial way of showing to the United States’ immigration services that you are serious and credible about your business intents when immigrating.  A good business plan can make all the difference between the success and the failure of your visa application.

Your business could be qualified as ‘marginal’ by the immigration services if you do not demonstrate your intent sufficiently when making your application.  A marginal business is one that cannot provide the means for the investor, and any of their family accompanying them, to be supported during their stay in the United States.  An E2 visa business plancan demonstrate that your business is non-marginal (i.e. that it can support you and your family adequately) by submitting a comprehensive and detailed argument in the form of an immigration business plan alongside your application.  While a business plan is a requirement to get an E2 visa, what can be variable is the quality of business plans submitted.  A good business plan will be able to demonstrate strongly the projected growth of your business over a 5-year period.  Your plan must also include non-financial information – such as an analysis of local competitors, details of your marketing strategy and an outline of the products and/or services you intend to provide.  These details, when accurate and verifiable to the best of your ability, can help demonstrate that your business will be able to generate enough income to support your family and give you a livelihood in the US.

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