There is an additional requirement for UK citizen to apply for the E-2 Visa


E-2 Treaty Trader Visas are available to nationals (also referred to as citizens) of the countries that have treaties with the United States.

However, the Consulate in the United Kingdom (UK) has added an additional requirement.  Not only do nationals of the UK have to provide evidence of his/her nationality, like all the other treaty nations, they also have to provide evidence that the applicant is a resident of the UK. Residing in the UK means that an applicant must physically be living in the UK before applying for the visa.  Nationals of the UK who have long term absences or who have never lived in the UK, except for occasional visits, will not be eligible for the E visa.

Examples of supporting documents to submit to the Consulate proving an applicant’s true residency in the UK can be rental receipts, homeownership, children’s enrollment in school, bank account statements, credit card statements, utility bills, driver’s license, bank loans, and medical reports.

Temporary absences, like if an applicant has to work outside the UK, is not considered abandoning their UK residency because of the temporary nature of their absence, and this, and other reasons, can be explained to the Consulate. The Consulate will look at all the evidence presented and the circumstances of the applicant in the aggregate to determine if the residency requirement was met.

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