What is the E-2 visa processing time if you are outside the US?


The Department of State Consulate in the country of your nationality and in some cases your residence has jurisdiction over your E-2 visa application.  Applying for an E-2 visa may take several steps and the process may vary depending on the U.S. Consulate.

The timeframe for processing your E-2 Visa application packet will vary also depending on the consulate of your country of nationality.  The consulate will need time after you submit your application packet to review your case before they grant you an interview appointment.

Some consulates will allow you to request an interview online while others, like in London, will notify Treaty Trader employers via email for the interview once the case has been reviewed. However, Treaty Traders employee applicants in some consulates can request an interview online and present their supporting evidence during their interview.

Some E-2 visa applicants may be approved on the day of their interview.[ht_message mstyle=”alert” title=”” ” show_icon=”true” id=”” style=”” ] If that is the case, the applicants will receive their visa stamped on their passport on an average of one to two weeks.[/ht_message] However, others may need to submit more documentation or the consulate officer may need more time to review their case before the final decision.

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