E2 Visa Business Plan Explained

E2 visa business plan, do you know what it is?  It is a type of immigration visa that is issued to allow an individual investor to enter and work in the United States.  It is for the duration of the investment that they will be controlling, whilst they are in the USA.  The E2 visa must be reissued on a biannual basis.  In principle there is no limit to how many times it can be renewed.  Common issues with this type visa surround compiling an accurate immigration business plan.  One solution to this can be to use a service to help create your business plan.

Immigration Business Plan Requirements

Why might you need an E2 visa business plan?  Moving to the USA to start your own business is an attractive prospect, offering access the world’s largest marketplace.  Investors and entrepreneurs can be put off by the ‘big business’ requirements of the EB-5 green card that require a $1,000,000 investment.  The E2 Treaty Investor Visa is a much more accessible option.  The minimum threshold of $15,000, means that many more people can successfully apply.  The main requirements to be approved for an E2 visa and writing a satisfactory E2 business plan are as follows.  Firstly, your nationality.  Your country of origin must have a treaty with the USA.  Most Western nations as well as many countries from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are on the approved treaty list.  The US State Department has a full list of these nations.  You will need investment.  You need to have already invested in an American based business or be in the process of actively investing.  To do this, you need to show legal possession and control of necessary funds.  Business acumen.  You need to demonstrate applicable business skills so the Government believes the business to be viable.  This could be educational or work related experience.  Size of your investment.  This must be substantial, i.e. over the $15,000 minimum.  Your business must be one that provides employment.  Demonstrate this plans to hire staff in the future.  Return to country of origin.  Though the visa can be renewed indefinitely, you must demonstrate a willingness to return to your country of origin after it expires by signing a declaration stating you intend to do so, should your business plan for E2 visa and EB5 business plan be successful and allow you access in the first place.

Problems Writing An E2 Visa Business Plan

Writing a business plan can have pitfalls and issues. Below are some of the most common questions applicants ask, and with practical solutions to them. “What is the minimum E2 investment?” This is the main question asked when applying for an E2 visa business plan. The investment must be ‘substantial’ in relation to the costs associated with setting up the business. If the total amount required to set up the business is low, then you can make an initial investment as low $50,000. This could be split up into $15,000 spent and $35,000 in working capital. The next questions often asked is, “can I use my home as a business space for an E2 business plan visa application?”  A commercial lease is not a requirement within the E2 Visa business plan. However, it is recommended that an applicant investor does obtain a lease for office space as without it the Consular service may question whether the business is serious enough. Finally, “do I need to spend money on my business before my visa is approved?” Yes, you will need to spend capital and make investments into your business before completing your application. The E2 business visa is for investors in the final stages of launching a business. Whilst investing before applying for your visa carries risk, it is risk that can’t be avoided, though can be mitigated. You can immediately re-apply if your application is rejected. Immigration Business Plan can answer all your questions about applying for and obtaining an E2 business visa.

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