If I still don’t have all the investment funds needed, can I still apply for an E-2 Visa?


It is important to get your financial matters together before applying for the E-2 Visa.  Unless you can show the government officers that you have committed your funds towards buying or establishing a business in the U.S., the government will either request for the required evidence or your application will be denied.  You must demonstrate that you are unquestionably committed to the success of the business.  The investment fund must be in your U.S. bank account because you must show that you are in control of the funds or else the government will deny your application.

Additionally, keep in mind that you must demonstrate to the government how you acquired the funds.  The government wants to make sure that the funds were generated by legal means and one way to prove this is by submitting tax returns and the source of the funds (e.g. savings, inheritance, loans, etc.)  That is why it is critical that you have a complete financial report, together with your business plan, to submit to the government and this is where the experts can assist you with.  Remember, incomplete application packets may either result in delays or at worst a denial of your E-2 Visa application.

ImmigrationBusinessPlan knows the amount of investment needed depending on the industry and type of business.  This is based on our experience of working on hundreds of E-2 visas for over a decade. 

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