EB5 Regional Center Business Plan – Who Do I Need To Succeed?

EB5 regional center business plan proposals obviously require a lot of considerations and careful planning.  An element that is crucial in any plan succeeding is the people you have around you. When it comes to regional center proposals, this is no different.

There are currently more than 350 regional centers in the U.S. today at least – each one having gone through the EB5 visa application process.  Each center has also been built on the foundation of a solid plan. To ensure that your EB5 business plan proposals are successful, your personnel have to be spot on. Firstly, a bank escrow agent can offer the protection that will – during the pre-EB5 approval stage – put your investors at ease. Next, you’ll want an immigration attorney and a business attorney to make sure your documentation and preparation complies with the relevant EB5 legislation. Then, there’s an economist who can create the accurate analysis and projections of job creation that are required for your business plan.  And, finally, you need an expert immigration business plan writer to pull all of this together to ensure there is a comprehensive outline of your operational plans that includes descriptions of your job creation, a timeline of key events and any other additional details required to successfully pitch your application at compliance officers. These are the key people you need to ensure that your EB5 proposals have the best chance of succeeding.

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