Business Plan L1 – The Expert Writing Process

Business plan L1 writing is not something that just anyone can achieve success with, even if you have a good track record of writing plans and proposals for business.  A successful visa application rests heavily on this plan, so it is worth understanding the process that an expert will go through to complete a convincing application.

Hiring a professional to write your L1 business plan is the best way to ensure that your visa application is successful.  However, it can only be as complete and factually objective as the information you provide.  This is one of the reasons why the writing process starts with a meeting between you and the writer.  During this initial meeting, the plan writer will aim to ascertain as much information as possible about the business and the individual who will be transferring to the United States.  It is important that you provide the depth of detail needed regarding your business history, business goals and other pertinent information.  The writer’s team will then proceed to collect all relevant information and evidence to write the plan and develop the required financial model.  This is usually followed by a second meeting.  In this meeting, the details of the plan can be refined and any assumptions can be validated.  If everything is in place, then the plan will be completed and sent to you, usually by email.  You or your legal team can then request any adjustments that need to be made or provide any additional information.  If necessary, the document can be sent back and forth for further revision until everyone is happy with the final content of the immigration business plan.

At Immigration Business Plan, we aim to complete this process within two weeks and only request half the payment at the first meeting.  We do, however, offer quicker business plan L1 services where the need is urgent.  For more information on our services and costs, please visit today.