L1 Business Plan – Key Information You Need To Know

L1 business plan knowledge is crucial if you are to make a successful visa application. The L1 visa is essential if you want to enter and work within the United States. It differs from other business visas in that it is a non-immigration visa and considered as valid for a much shorter period of time (from 3 months) compared to an E2 business visa (2 years). To apply for this, you have to submit an appropriate business plan. The L1 visa is often used by American companies to relocate foreign workers to US offices. Complying with the necessary processes and completing an immigration business plan is best done with the use of a US-based visa service.

Your Immigration Business Plan – The Right Plan For The Right Visa

Before completing an L1 business plan, applying for a visa and starting the process of emigrating to the USA, you need to determine which type of L1 visa you need. There are two subcategories of the L1 business visa, with differing criteria and requirements, including differences in the L1 visa business plan that is submitted. The two subcategories are as follows. The L1A for managers and executives, which is valid for a maximum of seven years, and L1B for employees with knowledge that is considered specialized, valid for five years’ maximum. After expiration, the visa can be reapplied for after you have returned to your country of origin for a minimum of a year. The application process starts by filing a petition with the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) via a L-129 Form, along with supporting information that shows that the US based company meets the necessary business criteria. There are two kinds of procedures for filing a business plan for L1 visa. Regular L1 visas need to be applied, and approved for, individually by each employee. To obtain this, the company needs to make a request to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Each employee application is assessed based on its individual evidences. Blanket L1 visas, on the other hand, are general visas that are obtainable by employers who are able to meet certain requirements. In these cases, the USCA has already determined that the business is suitable for this program. Each individual applicant only needs to file a new copy of the (already accepted) blanket request.

Are You Sure You Need An L1 Visa Business Plan?

If you need to apply for an L1 visa and fill in the necessary L1 visa business plan, you need to follow the criteria and requirements very specifically to ensure a successful application. Firstly, there needs to be a pre-existing and ‘qualifying relationship’ between the US business and the foreign company that currently employs the petitioner. Evidence needs to be submitted in support of this and the requirements differ depending upon the type of qualifying relationship. For the duration of the L1 visa holders stay in the USA, they must be doing business as employers in the USA and, at least, one other country. The employee relocating to the USA also has to follow strict requirements. They have to have been employed outside the USA, by the employer, for a period of more than one year. L1 business plans need to include all relevant documentation to support the validity of your application. You also need to include the following sections: you will be required to summarize your business (both in and outside the USA), outline the ownership structure and show understanding of your industry sector and your market. In addition, you will need to provide growth projections and personnel information. Curating, sorting through this information and turning it into a valid immigration business plans can be problematic for individuals or business that are unfamiliar with the American Immigration Services. Given this, it is always a better idea to use the services of an expert. Immigration Business Plan are experts in writing detailed and successful applications with almost 1000 successful applicants helped over the past decade.

For An L1 Business Plan, Get It From The Experts At Immigration Business Plan

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