EB5 Business Plan Sample – What Other Visas Need Business Plans?

EB5 business plan sample is clearly appropriate for an EB5 application, but this is just one of the different types of visas that requires a business plan. There are a number of business-related visas that require a business plan to demonstrate the intent of the immigrant. In this article, we’ll cover the requirements of visa applications that require business plans.

Firstly, you need an immigration business plan to get an EB5 visa.  An EB5 business plan will help you get a visa, but you also need between $500,000 and $1,000,000 – depending on the area you’re investing in – and you need to create at least 10 jobs. You can also invest in a Regional Center to promote job creation and economic growth within a particular region. Another visa that requires a business plan is an E2 investor visa. This allows someone to enter the U.S. based on an investment that they will be controlling; and it must be seen to be contributing to the economy. These visas are only available to treaty nations. Then there is an L1 visa which allows the person to enter the country for work purposes and serves as a non-immigrant visa for, usually, about three years. These visas are generally for employees of international companies who already have offices in the U.S. The B1 visa allows the applicant to perform a business related activity such as negotiating a contract, attending a seminar or holding business meetings. Finally, there is the E1 treaty trader visa – allowing foreign nationals to enter the country in order to carry out a high level of trade. Again, this is only available for those coming from treaty nations.

So it’s not just the EB5 business plan sample that’s useful in helping you gain access to the U.S.  All of these other visas require specialized business plans too. To ensure that your business plan doesn’t let down your immigration chances, contact the experts at Immigration Business Plan. You can get info from our website, https://www.immigrationbusinessplan.com/, or call us on +1 (646) 612 7572.