What Is the E-2 Visa Process?


The E-2 visa process really starts with your project. What is it that you want to do in the US? Is there any particular type of businesses you are interested in? These are the kinds of questions you need to address. To this end, the first step to address these is to buy an airplane ticket, go to the city where you intend to settle down and start your local market research.

Once you have a project in mind, the next step is to know whether this project will fit into the E2 box. This is something we can address for the simple reason that our job is to present businesses for E2 visa approval purposes to USCIS all year around. So we know first-hand what works and what does not.

You would then need to hire the services of an immigration lawyer, a commercial lawyer if necessary and a company like us to present your business to USCIS. Along the way, you would also need to get your company set up, open a personal bank and a commercial bank account.

When it comes to choosing the project for your E2 visa application, my advice is for you to follow your aspirations regardless of the visa. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of determination. So being passionate about what you do is key to get you through the ups and downs of a venture. In the end, this is our job and the immigration lawyer’s job to present your project the right way in your E2 visa application.

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