How long does the E-2 visa application process last?

The process to get an application ready lasts on average four to five months. Overall, the E-2 visa application preparation process lasts longer than what you would think because beyond filling in forms and providing documents for the E2 application, you also need to get your E2 venture off the ground enough to apply for the E2.

So what does that mean?

The US immigration officer wants to know if your application is genuine. To this end, getting your business off the ground is key to provide evidence that your venture is for real.

And what does that imply?

Both the immigration lawyer and the immigration business plan company need to walk the distance during the application preparation process which can last up to a year depending on the applicant. So when it comes to US business immigration, this is not a hit and run business. In other words, both companies would need to get that additional information and update both the application and the supporting business plan up to the point when the application is sent out.