EB-5 Visa Guide: Best EB-5 Projects and Industries


The EB-5 program offers the opportunity to obtain permanent residency for foreign investors and their spouses and unmarried children under 21 through an investment project.

This guide discusses the EB-5 visa program and provides insight into best EB-5 projects and industries you can invest in.

EB-5 Visa Program

The EB-5 visa is an immigrant investment program designed to encourage foreign investors to invest in the U.S. and stimulate its economy. This for-profit investment is expected to create at least 10 full-time jobs in exchange for a green card or permanent residency.

The program requires you to invest directly in a new commercial enterprise or indirectly in a regional center project. The required minimum investment is $800,000 for targeted employment areas and $1.05 million for non-targeted employment areas. Targeted employment areas refer to areas needing economic stimulation, such as a rural area or an area experiencing high unemployment of at least 150% of the national average rate.

As per the USCIS, a new commercial enterprise is an enterprise established on or after November 29, 1990. If the enterprise was established after this date, it could still qualify, provided it is reorganized or if your investment has resulted in an expansion (40% increase in employee count or net worth). On the other hand, a troubled business is an enterprise that has been operating for at least two years before your investment, incurring a net loss during the 1-2 year period before your Form I-526 priority date. Note that investing in a troubled business may not necessarily require you to create 10 new jobs. Instead, you can retain or preserve 10 existing roles in the troubled business.

Meanwhile, a regional center project works by pooling resources from different investors for a large project, such as the construction of nursing homes, hospitals, etc., in impoverished areas. As such, it is an indirect investment that creates jobs for U.S. workers. As of April 2023, there are 640 approved and government-selected regional centers across the United States.

The main difference between directly investing in a new commercial enterprise and a regional center project, other than the minimum investment amount, is that regional center investments are passive. Therefore, you will have little control over its operations, whereas you will have a more active participation in managing a new commercial enterprise. This is something to consider when choosing your investment.

Application Process

The application process starts with a Form I-526 petition. Once approved, you will receive your conditional permanent residency, giving you 2 years to maintain your investment and meet the job creation requirement. If successfully met within this timeframe, you can file a Form I-829 90 days before your conditional permanent residency expires. This will grant you a green card or permanent residency.

For more information on the visa’s details and application process, read our comprehensive EB-5 guide.

Is Investing in an EB-5 Project Risky?

Yes. In fact, the USCIS requires that EB-5 foreign investors risk their investment capital to qualify for the program. In context, “at risk” refers to the investment or best EB-5 visa projects capital/fund being subject to potential gains or losses without guaranteeing its outcome.

Which Industries Qualify for the EB-5 Program?

Fortunately, the EB-5 program is not limited to particular sectors, so any business in any sector can qualify as long as it is a for-profit and lawful organization that meets the USCIS criteria for a new commercial enterprise or a troubled business.

If you are looking for ideas, here are some industries you can consider for your EB-5 investment:

  • Real estate development

One of the best EB-5 project tis n residential or commercial real estate projects like hotels or luxury condominiums. Real estate investments have the potential for steady returns, property appreciation, and job creation in construction, maintenance, and property management.

  • Manufacturing

Manufacturing ventures involve producing goods encompassing a wide range of industries, from food processing to electronics and automotive manufacturing. This investment opportunity can support economic growth by producing goods, creating jobs, and supporting supply chains. Hence, making it as one of the best EB-5 projects.

  • Hospitality and tourism

Another best EB-5 projects is the hospitality and tourism industry. Since the U.S. is a popular tourist destination, it is a lucrative hospitality and tourism industry market. You can benefit from the seasonal influx of tourists and create direct jobs (.e.g., hospitality staff, chefs, tour guides, etc.) and indirect jobs (e.g., transportation, local suppliers, etc.). Ensure you analyze the location, competition, and market demand to make an informed decision.

  • Healthcare and biotechnology

These investments can include research institutions, medical facilities, specialty clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare technology startups. Investing in this sector can lead to stable returns as there is a year-round need for healthcare. It will also undoubtedly lead to multiple job creation. Making it the best EB-5 projects.

  • Technology and innovation

The technology industry in the U.S. is known for its innovation and growth potential. It is one of best EB-5 projects, it encompasses a wide range of ventures, such as artificial intelligence, software development, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies. Investing in technology can be a lucrative opportunity that yields substantial job creation and economic stimulation. However, it is highly fast-paced and competitive, which is something to keep in mind.

Tips For Choosing the Best B-5 Projects

Once you have identified a promising sector or have at least a rough business idea, you can start considering which best EB-5 projects you can invest in within that sector. Consider the following:

  • Due diligence

It is crucial to conduct due diligence when choosing and evaluating potential EB-5 investments. We highly recommend reviewing your business plan, financial projections, and the track record of the project’s developers and management team. Ensure everything aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

  • Regional center project vs. direct investment

You have two main options for your EB-5 investment—through a regional center or a direct investment in a new commercial enterprise. Regional centers are entities approved by the USCIS that pool EB-5 funds for multiple projects. Direct investments involve investing directly in and managing the enterprise. Both have pros and cons, so choose the option that suits your preferences and expertise.

For instance, a regional center project may be more suitable for you if you want to invest passively. On the other hand, if you wish to manage the enterprise actively, a direct investment may be better for you.

  • Job creation analysis

You must verify that the project’s job creation estimates meet the EB-5 program requirements. It should also have a clear plan for creating or preserving at least 10 jobs within the duration of your conditional permanent residency.

  • Legal and administration assistance

It is best to seek the services of legal and immigration professionals with expertise in EB-5 cases, as they will be able to provide you with expert guidance throughout the entire process. They can help you navigate complex immigration laws and ensure compliance with program requirements with advice tailored specifically to your circumstances.

Looking for the best EB-5 projects?

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