EB-2 NIW Visa Fees: Additional Expenses to Consider

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When applying for your EB-2 NIW visa, it is vital to not only consider the basic application NIW visa fees but also be prepared for additional expenses. This guide will walk you through key supplementary expenses that may apply to your case.

Here are common additional expenses to consider for your EB-2 NIW application:

While it is possible to apply by yourself, seeking legal counsel from an experienced immigration attorney will save you a lot of time and effort as they can provide invaluable support and guidance throughout the application. They can help ease your worries, especially since the USCIS does update visa rules and regulations periodically. You can rest assured that immigration attorneys keep themselves updated with the latest information on procedures and policies.

While this is not a mandatory expense, having an EB-2 NIW expert on your side will greatly increase your chances of successfully securing your visa and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your case. It is worth noting that NIW visa fees legal representation vary depending on the provider, visa, and complexity of your particular case, so conduct thorough research on your options and budget accordingly. Another advantage to hiring an immigration attorney is they often have connections with other providers of services you may need, such as business plan writers or professional resume writers.

Translation and documentation NIW visa fees

You must have your documents professionally translated if they are in any language other than English. Some of the documents you may need to submit for your EB-2 NIW visa application include but are not limited to academic transcripts, recommendation letters, academic certificates, employment records, research papers, medical records, business documents, intellectual property or patent documents, if any.

The more documents you need to submit for your case, the higher the NIW visa fees of translation. Considering this as part of your total budget for any document not in English is important, as translation and notarization fees can quickly pile up. This is also an essential part of the process, as the USCIS expects all documents to be in English so that consular officers can understand them.

Credential evaluation expenses

If you were educated outside the United States or hold foreign degrees, you must have your credentials professionally evaluated by a recognized independent credentials evaluator to ensure the equivalency of your education credentials to education obtained in the United States. The need for a credentials evaluation is because educational standards vary globally. For instance, a three-year foreign bachelor’s degree may not necessarily be equivalent to a U.S. four-year bachelor’s degree. This step is essential and comes with additional NIW visa fees you should be aware of, especially if you hold multiple degrees or certifications.

Alternatively, USCIS officers may also accept a comparable evaluation conducted by a school official with the authority to make such determinations. However, note that this is advisory, and the final decision depends on the officer. Click here to read the USCIS guide for credential evaluations.

Professional writing service fees

Crafting a compelling resume, business plan, or other professional documents is crucial for showcasing your skills and qualifications. In fact, these can make or break your chances of successfully obtaining the EB-2 NIW visa. Engaging the services of a professional writer or business plan consultant comes with a fee, but the impact on your application can be substantial. Consider budgeting for professional writing services for an effective case.

Travel costs

The EB-2 NIW visa application process involves traveling to meet requirements like medical examinations, biometrics appointments, and interview appointments. You may also incur travel expenses if you wish to consult an immigration attorney in person.

Depending on your location and the location of the interview or medical facility, these expenses can accumulate, especially if you live far from the authorized facilities recommended by the USCIS. This is even more apparent if you live in a very remote or rural place, and you may expect accommodation, meals, and even airfare. We recommend budgeting these travel expenditures.

Post-approval expenses and continued legal costs

It is crucial to be mindful of expenses after you acquire your EB-2 NIW visa. Transitioning to living and working in the United States would involve visa issuance fees, relocation costs, and settlement expenses. Include these in your budget for a smooth transition to the U.S.

Staying informed about long-term financial commitments will help you manage your finances effectively. After all, even after obtaining your visa, you may still encounter expenses associated with it, such as renewals, extensions, or visa adjustments. If any issues arise, you may incur additional expenses for continued legal advice from your immigration attorney.

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