Best Practices for a EB-2 NIW Success Application


If you’re a foreign national with an advanced degree or exceptional ability in the arts, athletics, business, or sciences seeking an EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW), adopting best practices that will set the foundation for a successful application is crucial.

Successfully navigating the complexities of immigration procedures demands careful planning and attention to detail. Thus, this article will guide you through key best practices to maximize your chances of approval and ensure your EB-2 NIW success visa application stands out positively.

Understanding the EB-2 NIW Visa

If you are a foreign national with an advanced degree or an exceptional ability in the arts, business, sciences, or athletics, the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) immigrant visa might be right for you. The NIW success is an attractive option because it provides a direct route to obtaining a green card without the labor certification requirement, thereby fast-tracking the EB-2 application.

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Possess an advanced degree (beyond a B.A.) or a foreign equivalent degree (determined via credentials evaluation). Alternatively, possess a bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years of progressive experience in the same field.

If you do not have an advanced degree, you can still qualify if you possess an exceptional ability in your field, which must be within the arts, sciences, athletics, or business. An “exceptional ability” refers to a degree of expertise significantly above others in the same field.

  1. Meet the requirements for an NIW success. You must demonstrate with evidence that it would be in the national interest of the U.S. to waive the requirement of a labor certification or a job offer, thus allowing you to self-petition.

Read our comprehensive EB-2 NIW success guide for more detailed information.

Best Practices

One of the biggest challenges in qualifying for an EB-2 NIW success visa is demonstrating that your advanced degree or exceptional ability will provide long-term benefits to the United States. In other words, your presence will be in the national interest. Demonstrating this requires a strategic approach and attention to detail.

The following best practices can help you secure this visa and stand out as a stellar applicant:

  • Early preparation

Begin your preparations well in advance before filing your EB-2 NIW application. Time is your ally since this program can be complicated and time-consuming. An early start allows you to gather all necessary evidence, refine your supporting documents, and conduct thorough reviews to minimize errors. Rushed applications may lack the depth and completeness needed for a successful submission.

  • Compile strong evidence

Think of your case as a visual testimony to your professional journey. It should be comprehensive, showcasing your achievements, educational background, work experience, publications, awards, and any relevant recognition.

A well-organized portfolio not only provides a snapshot of your accomplishments but also reinforces the strength of your case. Ensure the portfolio is easy to navigate and highlights key elements that strengthen your application. We recommend using evidence that provides long-term reassurance that the United States will benefit from your presence.

  • Obtain compelling recommendation letters

The strength of your recommendation letters can significantly impact the outcome of your application. Ensure these letters detail your capabilities, expertise, and capacity to contribute to your proposed project, highlighting your unique qualifications.

We recommend securing letters from various reputable experts in your field who can attest not only to your skills but also explicitly state how your contributions are in the national interest. Aim for influential individuals who command credibility and respect, as their endorsements carry substantial weight. In addition, it would be wise to ensure your recommendation letters come from a mix of close colleagues and those of higher authority to ensure there is no bias.

  • Address the National Interest criteria

Demonstrate a clear connection between your work and the national interest criteria. Illustrate how your contributions benefit the United States’ economy, culture, education, or scientific advancements. Clearly articulate the broader implications of your work beyond your immediate professional circle, emphasizing its positive impact on the nation as a whole.

Communicating the significance of your work is vital to ensuring a compelling case. Clearly and precisely define your contributions’ impact on the national interest and support these claims with concrete examples, data, and testimonials. The goal is to make it evident to immigration officials why your work is essential to the United States. Consider how your work goes beyond routine job duties and contributes to the broader societal and economic landscape, and focus on this.

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