What else besides my financial investment does the USCIS review for an E-2 Visa approval?

The minimum investment plays a very critical role for an E-2 Visa; however, USCIS looks into other factors before they give their final approval.

These factors are the following:

  • An explanation of where you got the investment money by submitting financial statements to prove that the funds were gotten or raised legitimately.
  • The investment can be raised by having a business partner with you having at least 50% ownership but the USCIS must know that both of you are going to the U.S. as E-2 visa holders.
  • Another legitimate source for your investment is through a bank loan. However, it is preferable you borrow not more than 20-30% of the investment needed for your business.
  • Submit an effective business plan showing how your business will meet the E2 visa criteria.
  • The business should have a positive impact on the local economy where it is located.
  • That you will be a hands-on investor involved in the operations of a business that provides a service or product for profit.