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Sample Business Plan For E2 Visa – What You Need For A Successful E2 Application

Sample business plan for E2 visa is only one of the crucial elements required to ensure your E2 application will succeed. There are a number of financial requirements that you must meet to achieve your business dreams in the United States.

In all, there are four key requirements: in your E2 visa business plan, you need to demonstrate that you will make substantial investment; that that investment will be non-marginal; that your investment will be active; and finally, that you will be the source of the funds.  A ‘substantial’ investment is not defined by the amount of dollars you spend, but it is related to the amount that you would normally require to develop a similar business in the same industry. Generally, however, the minimum amount of investment that is expected is usually around $100,000 to $150,000. However, this really does depend on your industry. For example, an e-business will require less investment than a manufacturer due to, for example, there being fewer equipment costs associated with the former. A non-marginal investment is when the investor can provide for their own living costs – including any family who have come to live with them in the US. Active investment means that you must be engaged with the day-to-day running of the business too and that you are not just, for example, a stockholder. Finally, the funds must be your own. These funds can include gifts as well as loans from relatives and friends – as long as the business is not used as collateral for these loans. This all has to be covered in your immigration business plan.

Because of this, a sample business plan for E2 visa application is something that many investors look for. The reality is that you should seek a professional writer with immigration experience to ensure your own plan ticks all of the boxes required to succeed.  At Immigration Business Plan, we can help. Visit, email or call us today on +1 (646) 612 7572 for more information. 

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