E2ビザ用ビジネスプランのサンプル - E2ビザ申請を承認されるために必要なもの

Are you thinking about moving to the U.S. to start a business and are curious about the E2 visa business plan? You need to be prepared for all aspects of properly creating this business plan for the E2 visa so that you have the highest possible chance of being approved. Avoiding the mistakes made by many who have tried to create an e2 business plan can be achieved by partnering with the right immigration business plan company.

In order to receive an E-2 visa, you will need to meet multiple requirements for eligibility, one of which is the e-2 business plan. All of these materials must be submitted with your visa application.

What is the Most Important Purpose of the E2 Visa Business Plan?

Although there are several components inside your overall business plan, the primary goal is to show that your level of investment is enough to keep your planned business operational. Furthermore, you should also detail in your business plan for E2 visa purposes how you will meet the growth projections you have outlined.

What Does an E2 Visa Business Plan Sample Include?

While you can expect to be challenged or asked about numerous aspects of your E2 business plan, make sure to take extra care when crafting the sections below in your application and plan.

Financial Strategy for E-2 Visa Business Plan

Make sure you provide clear details about how your intended business will accomplish success and enable enough profit creation for you, your individual dependents, your employees, and future jobs to be created with a maximum five year period. Don’t overstate these projections. Remember that after the five year period, if your E2 business plan is successful, that you can renew and share additional data.

During this portion of the business plan E2 outline, you’ll need to address your source of funds with proper documentation.

E2 Visa Business Plan Operational Strategy

Once you have covered the source of your investment funds, make sure to mention how your business will truly function in the U.S. once established. This is your E2 business plan visa operational strategy. You must show that a minimum of fifty percent of the business is owned by you and reference the intended corporate strategy, too.

E2 Visa Business Plan Marketing Strategy

How will you keep your company viable once in the U.S.? This is part of your E2 business plan marketing strategy. Discuss your marketing budget and personnel requirements at this part of the plan.

If you already have some contracts in place, this can help your E2 business plan strategy significantly.

E2 Visa Business Plan Personnel Strategy

Who will be helping you to run this business and how will you expand to add more jobs? This is the key question to be answered in your E2 visa business plan personnel section. Decide what the key roles will be, how many jobs in the U.S. you estimate will be created by your company, and when you intend to create them.

E2 Visa Business Plan Experience and Skills

Don’t forget to highlight your own skills and experience within your E2 business plan for the visa. It’s not enough to submit details about the company itself; you must also be prepared to talk about your background and why you are the right person to head this company.

We have links to sample E2 visa business plan for companies, investors, and consultants available for you to review.

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What Happens After I Submit the E2 Visa Business Plan?

Approximately 4-6 weeks after you have submitted the business plan and application to the US Embassy, you can expect to get an interview invitation. This interview is important since you can detail more about your E2 visa business plan and answer questions in person.

The business plan for E2 visa that you have submitted will be evaluated and scrutinized at this time. The goal of the reviewer is also to tell how much economic benefit your company would bring to the U.S.

If you want to ensure that your E2 visa business plan is set up for success from the moment you apply, partner with immigrationbusinessplan.com to prepare a compelling package of your company’s projections and impact.