List of E-2 Visa Countries By E-2 Visa Length

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Each visa country has a specific E-2 visa validity period

The E-2 visa countries have a specific E-2 visa length. The E-2 Visa is more formally known as the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa.  Additionally, it is a type of non-immigrant visa designed for citizens from visa countries.  Furthermore, the E-2 Treaty Countries are countries that have a bilateral treaty of Commerce and Navigation with the United States.  In that regard, the E-2 Investor Visa allows you to make an investment in the United States.  Additionally, you will control this investment while in the United States.  What this means is that you can start or purchase an existing business and live in the United States while developing your investment.

The E-2 Visa validity period is generally up to 5 years of stay in the United States.  However, factors such as the reciprocity schedule between your eligible visa country and the United States, as well as the consulate officer, will determine the length of your E-2 Visa.

Below is a guide on the information you will need in determining your E-2 Visa’s length.

The E-2 Visa Length Is Based On Visa Country’s Reciprocity

The length of your E-2 Treaty Investor Visa’s validity is determined by the reciprocity schedule between your country and the United States.  Furthermore, reciprocity is how the United States determines the validity periods, number of admissions, and visa fees for different countries based on their treatment of United States citizens.  Thus, if your country imposes restrictive visa requirements on United States citizens, then the United States will reciprocate with similar restrictive requirements on your country’s citizens.  Additionally, the purpose of reciprocity is to have more progressive visa regimes.  Similarly, it is also to encourage international travel that will benefit United States travelers and businesses.

For the majority of the eligible treaty visa countries, they have a 5-year validity.  However, some treaty countries have only 3 months.  Furthermore, there are cases where your E-2 Treaty Investor visa is valid for only 3 months.  This means that you will have to enter the United States within that period after your visa is issued.  Therefore, when you have entered the United States, you are entitled to 2 years under E-2 status to direct and develop your business.  Additionally, you can renew your status with the USCIS indefinitely.  Furthermore, if you leave the United States after the E-2 visa expiry date, you will need to renew the E-2 visa at a United States consulate.

The Immigration Officer Can Also Determine The Length Of Your E-2 Visa

Even if for the majority of the eligible treaty visa countries, the visa may be issued for 5 years, there are instances where you will not be able to get the full 5 years.  This is because the consular officer can issue the visa for a shorter period.  That is, if they are uncertain of your ability to follow through on the business plan.  Specifically, in the instance that the consular officer doubts your plan to hire American workers, they can issue your visa for a shorter period.  In this regard, it is oftentimes 2 years.  Afterwards, you will have to return to the consulate and provide proof that you have followed the business plan.  In doing so, you can be issued a 5-year extension for your E-2 investor visa.

A strong E-2 Visa Business Plan can materially impact the E-2 visa length

A solid E-2 visa business plan will help you maximize the chances of getting the maximum E-2 visa length allocated to your country.  Furthermore, will draft a long term view of the business before the U.S. immigration officer.

List of E-2 Visa Countries With Their Respective E-2 Visa Length

Below is a list of eligible treaty countries with their reciprocity schedule.  Additionally, you can check with the United States Department website for an updated list.

E-2 Visa Countries with 5 years E-2 Visa Length









Costa Rica

Croatia Czech

















New Zealand








South Korea






United Kingdom

E-2 Visa Countries with E-2 Visa Length over 1 year and less than 5 years

Albania – 3 years
Australia – 4 years
Finland – 2 years
Mongolia – 3 years
Singapore – 2 years
Slovak Republic – 2 years
Sweden – 2 years

E-2 Visa Treaty Countries with A Year E-2 Visa Length

Bosnia and Herzegovina

E-2 Visa Treaty Countries with Less Than A Year  E-2 Visa Length

Azerbaijan – 3 months
Bahrain – 3 months
Bangladesh – 3 months
Congo – Brazzaville – 3 months
Congo – Kinshasa – 3 months
Egypt – 3 months
Ethiopia – 6 months
Iran – 3 months
Jordan – 3 months
Kyrgyzstan – 3 months
Moldova – 3 months
Oman – 6 months
Thailand – 6 months
Ukraine – 3 months

If you find your country in this E-2 visa countries list, it is important to work on a long term strategy for your visa renewal.  Furthermore, can assist you with drafting an E-2 visa business plan to strengthen your visa application and pave the way for your E-2 investor visa renewal.