Is a business plan template relevant for a visa application?

No. A generic business plan can trigger some suspicion on whether the visa application is genuine. Any content going into the document needs to be drafted in accordance with the immigration case in the light of USCIS latest trends.

Presenting your business in the context of a visa application is key. A DIY solution meaning getting a business plan template is the first thing that comes up in most of the applicants’ minds. And this is for a good reason which is about minimizing the cost of a visa application.

So can a business plan template fit in the job? The answer is no. Firstly, a business plan template is no more than an index with headlines for the most part where you still need to write the content of the document. Secondly, an immigration business plan is all about what to say in the same way than a visa application. This is all about hands-on US business immigration experience. A template does not address that constraint either.