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What Is The E-2 Visa?

The E-2 Visa is a non-immigrant type of visa for citizens of treaty countries who wish to invest or start a business in the United States. With the E-2 Visa, based on the investment you will make, you can enter the United States and operate on your business. 

Who Is Qualified?

The first requirement is that you will need to be a national of a treaty country. You will know if your Country Qualifies for an E-2 Visa with this guide. You can also find the list of countries that are eligible for the E-2 Visa in this section.

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You Don't Have An E2 Visa Lawyer?

Finding the right immigration lawyer can be a challenge simply because there is no E-2 visa accreditation to attest of the level of E-2 visa expertise of an immigration lawyer.

  • Is An Immigration Lawyer Specialized

    Like in any profession, the answer is no. Immigration lawyers tend to focus on certain types of visas. In the end, it all comes down to the level of experience working on E-2 visas.

  • What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do For My E-2 Visa?

    An immigration lawyer will collect data from you, prepare various forms, put together and submit your application.

  • Can I Prepare My E-2 Visa Applicaiton Myself?

    Yes. However, you will definitively need some guidance to walk through the E-2 visa application process. E-2 visa experience from a lawyer is needed.

I need to find a business for my e2 visa

We Have Assisted Hundreds Of E-2 Visa Applicants About Choosing The Right Business For Their E-2 visa Applications.

Is the Business Acquisition Eligible For The E-2 Visa? How To Structure The Deal To Make It E-2 Visa Compliant?

We Can Put Together A Road Map Explaining What Are The Steps Involved To Start Your Business For Any E-2 Visa. 

We browse thousands of franchises every year. After reviewing your profile, we can offer a selection of franchises suiting your personal choice and the E-2 visa requirements.

We have worked on 1,500+ E-2 visas across any industry yo may think of

Jean David

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Jean-David, the company’s founder has hundreds of E2 visa cases under his belt. He experienced first hand the process of applying for his E2 visa while moving to the US. He has worked on E2 Visa first time applications, renewals & denials across 120+ industries since 2004. He sold businesses throughout South East Florida for 2 years. He worked on numerous market research studies to validate business opportunities in the US.

Besides being a PWC alumni, Jean-David has a unique mix of skills as a Strategy Consultant, a Business Acquisition Adviser, a Financial Modeler, a US Business Immigration Consultant and a serial US Entrepreneur.