L1 Business Plan – How Long Will It Take?

L1 business plan writing does not happen in a matter of moments. Understanding how long the process will take is important if you are to have everything ready for your visa application. Delays through lack of organization could cost your company in lost revenue.

Writing a L1 business plan is a process that involves much finding and collating of information, which can take as much time or longer as it does to commit the information to paper in the right format. The easiest way to speed up this process is to ensure that you give your expert as much accurate and objective information as possible. The more the plan has to be amended, the longer the process will take. Once you have decided on an immigration business plan writer, get together as much detailed information as you can prior to your first meeting. Not only will this allow them to start the writing process, but it will also aid them in developing the financial reports that need to accompany your plan. Once the plan is returned to you, usually within two weeks, have your legal representative read through it. This should ideally be an individual with current knowledge of the immigration system in the US. This is better than doing it yourself, mainly because of their knowledge and experience, but also because they are more likely to be objective about your business. It is possible to get these plans completed in as little as 48 – 72 hours if required, but you will most likely pay extra for this service.  Again, much will depend on the status of your business and the availability of the required information.

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