EB-5 Program – Why Do I Need An EB5?

EB-5 program applications have dramatically increased over the past few years. But what is an EB-5 visa? Why is it needed? What are your options when applying for one? And how do you make sure that your application is as successful as it can be?

The EB-5 immigration visa has been specifically created for foreign investors who are interested in creating or investing in U.S. businesses and it was created in 1990 as part of the Immigration Act. Since then, it has proved a crucial way for people to gain entry to the lucrative U.S. marketplace. The program allows individuals to earn immigration through a Green Card (i.e. American citizenship) by investing in American business. This can be done in two different ways: through direct investment or through a regional center. A direct investment is when those applying for the EB-5 directly invest $500,000 in low employment areas ($1,000,000 if in other areas). The visa is granted for two years and those investing must show that they can sustain themselves financially. They must also demonstrate that they are providing at least 10 full-time jobs to members of the American public who are unrelated to the investor. A regional center, in contrast, is generally a partnership investing $500,000 in a project that, within two years, will supply 10 jobs for every $500 invested. You do not need to directly hire 10 employees, but it must be demonstrated that your investment has directly or indirectly affected the creation of 10 jobs in the area per $500. So, if you’re looking to invest, how can you ensure your application will succeed? Well, you can do so by hiring a good immigration business plan company to create a professional EB-5 business plan.

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