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L1 Visa Business Plan details

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L1 Visa


  • L-1 Business Dynamics
  • Offer
  • Market research
  • Hiring plan
  • Jobs presentation
  • Action plan
  • Parent company profile
  • Development strategy
  • Financial forecast


The L-1 Visa USCIS Mindset

Three things to remember


Your business

Each business is unique and so is your profile as an L1 visa applicant. Templates, any content generic or too vague spell mistrust in the eye of the immigration officer for your L1 Visa.


Your visa

The L1 visa has become more difficult to get. We know that first hand because we respond to L1 RFE’s. Our L1 business plan foreshadows the latest issues raised by USCIS.


Your application

The application process can last several month and ultimately the business plan needs to stack up with the visa application. We continuously update the business plan to meet that objective.

We go a long way to address what matters.

Our experience

Over 500 L1 s for the past 17 years across popular industries for the L. We are regularly hired to fix L1 RFE’s issues through our L1 business plan. We have expertise in industries such as

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Services
  • Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

Beyond our US business immigration expertise, we have a strong track record and together over 20 years of experience in:



  • Strategy
  • Financial Modeling
  • Accounting
  • Branding
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • M&A, Fund Raising

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