Business Plan For L1 Visa – Your Opportunity To Succeed

Business plan for L1 visa: it’s all that stands between you and success in the United States.  Granted, there is more to it than just your business plan.  But if you don’t fulfil this key requirement, then expansion in the US will only ever be a dream.  Here are just a few of the reasons why the plan is so important.

Your L1 business plan is your main opportunity to show the US immigration service that your business has the potential to aid the US economy.  To do this, it must demonstrate that the business has a future, and that the individual requesting the visa is crucial to this future. Part of your prospective plans must involve creation of wealth and jobs within the United States.  It is also your opportunity to show that you are capable of successfully running a business.  There is little point in providing an immigration business plan that shows that your business model is doomed to failure, or that offers no insight into your understanding of American business models and strategy.  Of course, you are not trying to turn your business into something it’s not; you are trying to show that your current strategy works and that sending a staff member to the US is going to bring about positive outcomes.  The business plan is also there to confirm, back up or explain elements that may have been observed, either during a visit to your firm by the immigration office, or during visa interviews.  If the facts don’t add up, your visa request will be rejected.

Ensure that your business plan for L1 visa is your best opportunity to succeed by working with Immigration Business Plan.  We will go through every little detail, every piece of evidence and ensure that nothing goes unchecked.  To improve your chances of getting a visa first time, head to our website ( today.


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