Sample E2 Visa Business Plan – The Information You Need To Get You Started

Sample E2 visa business plan information is not enough information, on its own, to give you the best chance of acquiring E2 visas. However, such model plans will provide you with enough details to ensure that you are applying for the right entry permit and are heading in the right direction.

The E2 visa is designed for individuals wanting to invest in or start up a business in the United States. The immigration business plan is an important element in the process. A good sample will provide you with an indication of the information you will need to provide in order to complete your business plan in full. The key information you will need to outline, and which will be listed on a sample, will include: an executive summary, a personnel strategy, an organizational chart and a competition overview. You will also need to provide five years’ worth of financial projections, a market and industry analysis and a marketing strategy. Given all of this information, it may be tempting to think you can go ahead and produce the plans on your own. But this would be a mistake that could cost you your US entry. Immigration business plans require a level of detail that most people do not have the time or experience to produce. Not only that, but a sample alone can’t explain to you exactly which elements will be given the most scrutiny by the authorities. This knowledge takes years of experience and contact with the authorities. It is not something you can learn from a sample.

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