EB5 Business Plan Requirements Are Getting Tougher

EB5 business plan requirements are stricter than most people expect. When it comes to applying for an immigration visa, or visiting visa, it can be reasonable to think that we just need to get the application documentation right. But when it comes to business visas, you need to think about your business plan too.

The EB5, the visa for those looking to invest and live in the U.S., is one of those visas where a business plan is required along with the standard documentation to give your application a fighting chance of being approved.  And when it comes to an EB5 business plan, you’ll want to make sure your plan is of a high-quality, accurate and relevant to the localities of where you want to invest. An immigration business plan is not just something you want to cobble together overnight by yourself: it needs to be well-thought and articulated in advance by a professional. It’s so important to get this right – and that’s not just speculative. Recently, EB5 visa reforms have been on the minds of U.S. legislators, which may have consequences for potential applicants hoping to succeed. The American Job Creation and Investment Promotion Reform Act was suggested in the Senate during late 2015. This looked to increase the minimum amount of investment required from $500,000 to $800,000 in Targeted Employment Areas; and from $1 million to $1.2 million for investments in areas outside of this. This is a massive leap. So, if you’re thinking about being a foreign investor living in America, now is the time to get your plans into action and approved.

And EB5 business plan requirements are an essential consideration. Having an inadequate business plan may have to result in re-application; by which time, reforms may have been pushed through – dealing a fatal blow to your plans. Don’t risk it – get in contact with the expert business plan writers at Immigration Business Plan today. Visit us at https://www.immigrationbusinessplan.com/, or send us an email message to info@staging-immigrationbusinessplancom.kinsta.cloud. 


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