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Is What Fuels Each Business Plan At Our Firm.

Our company offers an end to end solution built for visa approval and for the harsh constraints underlying the EB5 Visa application process. This includes a stellar EB5 visa expertise, an abundant level of customer service, an ongoing update service to ensure consistency between the business plan document and your visa application.

EB5 Direct Investment Visa

+150 EB5 Direct Investment Projects Completed

    >For First Time Applications

    >To Respond RFE’s

17 Years of EB5 Experience

You directly invest into a new commercial enterprise in order to submit your l-526 petition. We draft business plans according to the Matter of Ho. We have an extensive experience working on over 150 EB-5 Direct Investment first time applications and RFE’s across numerous industries.

EB5 Project for Regional Center

Whether your EB-5 Project is Affiliate, Hypothetical or Exemplar, we cater for all. Our team including nationwide EB-5 RC experts is expandable according to your budget and to the way you want us to work with you. Our team has worked on over 50 RC Projects.

EB5 Business Plan details

Direct Investment

35-60 pages | 10-15 business days

EB5 Visa



Fitting the EB5 Framework

Three things to remember

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Your business

Each business is unique and needs to be presented the right way. Templates, any content generic or too vague could spell mistrust in the eye of USCIS.

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Your visa

The EB5 case comes with intricate requirements. While some of them are clearly statements, the most important requirements lie in a grey area where only immigration experience prevails to know what’s needed.

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Your application

The application process can last several month and ultimately the business plan needs to stack up with the visa application. We continuously update the business plan to meet that objective.

We go a long way to address what matters.

Our experience

Over 130 EB5 cases for the past 12 years. Our specialist has gone through numerous intricate cases. We have an expertise in intricate industries such as

Beyond our US business immigration expertise, we have a strong track record and together over 20 years of experience in:

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