E2 Visa Business Plan Sample — Why Go The E2 Route?

E2 visa business plan sample can be a great idea for those looking to make a living in the United States. But, with over 180 different visas available for both immigrants and non-immigrants, what is it about the E2 that makes it so appealing to so many people?

For many people, the ‘American Dream’ is a very real thing. People want to come to the United States to become business owners and enjoy a high quality of life. Not only that, but many people do not qualify for the majority of the other 180 visas for various reasons. This can mean that an E2 visa can be someone’s ticket to the United States: as long as they can prove that they are going to boost the country’s economy with their presence. And it’s not just about demonstrating that you have plans to create (or invest in) an American business. 

Since 2006, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) made it a requirement that all of the E2 visa applications it received would be required to include a comprehensive immigration business plan. Because of that, it is now crucial to have a well-written, well-presented E2 visa business plan to complement the substantial investment funds also required. These plans will generally include a market analysis, a personnel plan (including job descriptions and salaries), a 5-year financial projection (including profit and loss, a balance sheet and a cash flow forecast) and, of course, an executive summary.

Therefore, a lot is riding on a successful and professional E2 visa business plan sample. At Immigration Business Plan, you will get just that. We’ll work with you to build a business plan that you can be proud of and will help give your application the best chance of succeeding.  Call us today on +1 (646) 612 7572, email us via info@immigrationbusinessplan.com or visit us at https://www.immigrationbusinessplan.com/ for more information.

E2 Visa Business Plan Sample


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